South Florida’s newest crime writer

Todd W. Bush is the writer of the Brad Porter series, the Sloan series, and the South Florida noir series.  He lives in South Florida with his wife, son, and an English bulldog.

The Brad Porter series centers on Detective Brad Porter from the Linton Beach, FL Police Department.  His partner’s name is Detective Taylor Mahady.  Porter is a homicide specialist with an attitude problem and a passion for sarcasm. 

The Sloan series follows a mysterious man named Sloan.  He used to work for the government in some capacity, but now does his own thing.  Highly dangerous, he lives by a strict moral code.  Rob a bank or cheat on your wife?  He doesn’t care.  But if you end up raping someone while cheating, or kill an innocent when your robbing that bank, then he has a problem.  And you don’t want to be his problem.

The South Florida Noir series is set in a city in South Florida.  The main character is a man named Vaughn.  He works for one of the biggest crime bosses in the state, known only as Big Pete.  Vaughn isn’t a hero; he’s not even an anti-hero.  There are no good guys in this one.


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